// Ripper Street 3: Behind the scenes//

There are photos that have been posted from the final day of location filming of the third series of Ripper Street.  You can see photos of Jerome Flynn, but not Matthew Macfadyen.

Visit HERE or HERE.

// Ripper Street 3 Gallery//

RTE has some photos of the set of the third series of Ripper Street.  You can see the photos in their gallery.

The third season of none-more-black TV drama Ripper Street is currently filming in Dublin’s Clancy Barracks and RTÉ TEN spent a day on the set. 

Clips from the new season, which takes place four years after season two, suggest that things are even darker and more complex in Victorian London…  

// Ripper Street: Amazon Prime Instant Video will air extended episodes//

According to Digital Spy

Prime customers will be able to watch the new extended episodes from late 2014, with the show being cut down to fit an hour-slot when it airs on BBC One in 2015.

"We don’t have a 60-minute slot to fill at 9pm," explained Chris Bird - Amazon Instant Video Film & TV Strategy Director.

"So we said to Richard [Warlow, series creator], ‘We want you to write this season completely unencumbered. If you want to write a 70-minute episode, write a 70-minute episode’.

// Lost in Karastan: Trailer//

There is some confusion as to the name of the movie.  Initially it was called Epic, the director is calling it Welcome to Karastan, but a producer is calling it Lost in Karastan.  Here’s a trailer!

LOST IN KARASTAN from Stealth Media Group on Vimeo.

// Welcome to Karastan: to be shown at Montreal Film Festival 2014//

Welcome to Karastan (aka Epic, aka Lost in Karastan) will be an official selection at the Montreal World Film Festival 2014 accordintg to the Stealth Media Group.

The festival runs from August 21 - Sept 1

// Ripper Street 3: Behind the scenes photos from Dublin//

The Mirror has posted several photos, including some with Matthew Macfadyen, from the filming of the third series of Ripper Street in Dublin today.  View the photos in the gallery.

// Ambassadors: Possible Return as a Drama//

There might be a second series of Ambassadors if it gets revamped as a drama series instead of a comedy according to the Radio Times.

Read more about this exciting possibility HERE.

// Ripper Street 3 Update//

There are lots of photos and news coming about the third series of Ripper Street, which is currently being filmed in Manchester.   Filming will move to Dublin on May 26 through mid August.

First, visit Damian Barcroft’s website.  He has far more information about the filming and series and even gives us a hint of one of the episodes.  Some articles about Ripper Street and comments from the actors include Radio TimesDigital Spy, and The Custard TV

"I’m delighted and excited to be back for a third series of Ripper," said Matthew MacFadyen, who reprises his role as Edmund Reid. "Thank you to Amazon, thank you to our fans who wanted more, and thank you to our wonderful writers and producers for giving us the most thoroughly brilliant, gripping and heart-rending episodes."

You can see more behind the scenes photos HERE.

Finally, here’s the first official promotional photo!

// Ripper Street 3: More photos with Matthew Macfadyen filming in Manchester//

The Manchester Evening News has posted an article about the filming of Ripper Street in the Manchester Town Hall Annex.

Mr Darcy may be behind him but Matthew Macfadyen proved he was still worthy of his heartthrob status while in Manchester filming the BBC’s Ripper Street.

Shooting at Manchester Town Hall, the actor is filming the gritty Victorian crime drama here until Thursday.

You can view the photos and read the article HERE.

// Ripper Street 3: Behind the scenes photos from Manchester filming//

Filming for the exciting third series of Ripper Street began yesterday in Manchester and photos are beginning to emerge.  The first photos of Matthew Macfadyen along with Jerome Flynn and Adam Rothenberg have been taken and Matthew has shaved his beard off.  His full beard was recently visible this Sunday for the BAFTA television awards, where Jerome Flynn was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor award for his role in Ripper Street.

You can view some of the photos on Flickr

Ripper Street Set Pics thanks to darthelvis

The Trio

Matthew and Jerome and another (Clive Russell?).  Another

I Love... I love... I love you.